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May 22, 2013
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So to make this clear, I'm not only going to talk about "The Killer"s and "Slender"s. I'm going to cover the Creepy Pasta characters in general. I'm talking about also taking look back at our old buddy Jeff and actually see how much we actually have to support him to make him the character that he is and the he isn't today. 

So let's cut right to the chase to what the main topic is and the one thing everyone wants me to cover and look at. Okay now we all know what "The Killer" and "Slender" characters are, we've all seen them and we've all (more or less) let out a sigh and groan because we're getting fed up with them. Really it's lazy, to me it's just pretty damn lazy. I don't know if you're making it for the fun, or you're trying to create a lover for Jeff or even Slender but if you are trying to make a lover, seriously kids you should know by now that when you try to force something to happen it ain't going to happen. Okay so now that I got my opinion out of the way I should look at some of the things that must of the time make up these "original" characters. One: They're always either linked back to Jeff or Slender. Look at Jane, literally if none of what Jeff did ever happened we wouldn't have our little lesbian princess. Which yes everyone SHE IS A LESBIAN, which for anything even if it is a "The Killer" character I respect. Two: Their resemblancethe original character is always pretty damn close. I'm not kidding, for most of the "Slender" characters that's a given, I mean you look at Grinner and it's just a Slender Man with a new pair of shades and Smile; seems also pretty close to Splendor, and if you don't know who Splendor is well he's like Slender's retarded cousin who looks like the Joker and Care Bears had a kid.

Okay I'm getting off topic, the thing is really here's the thing when you make a Creepy Pasta character, you are going to be or at least striving to be extremely and utterly original. Something to grab readers so that they're sitting starring at their computer thinking "Holy shit, what did I just read." When you make one of these characters I look at as laziness. I look at it as if you were not able to put together a good story, create a good concept, so all you do is try to work off someone's work and call it "Original". I mean jeez at least when people make a Shark OC from Damien they at least credit him with the original idea of it! And really sometimes the art for the characters is good, and sometimes it's really bad. I'm serious the artist who created Grinner is amazing, and I like his art. And if you come here and go well what about the "BEN" characters and the o-or the "Smile" characters . Well yeah they're around but you don't see as many of them running around, to be serious I've only seen maybe one you could call "Smile" character and that was just Grinny and he's not even the same species!

But to be perfectly honest, "The Killer" characters are some of the most boring, mary/gary sue-ish, half-assed, annoying characters around. I don't care, they are, if you were doing it for fun go at it but seriously. I mean at least the "Slender" ones look cool sometimes, but this goddamn bitch Stephanie looks like a first grader who was spreading jam with a butter-knife and dropped the whole damn thing on her. I mean then there's characters like Skyla, oh my god. Can we call a twin over here, seriously people thought Jane was the gender-bent version of Jeff this girl along with Nina look more like Jeff then most other "The Killer" characters, and if you got a few put them in the comments let me see them. But Jesus Christ do not get me started on Nina. I can make a rant completely about this character, okay this isn't toward the creator at all but she is the one that thought up her up. Okay everything that Jeff has, the eyes, the mouth, the hoodie, and in the ref she's holding a Jeff doll that's a red flag people! Okay I should stop but, really these characters their like making another monkey for the Super Robot Team Hyperforce Go! It's not needed and it's unnecessary you're just creating something that will and will always be a fan character you can't get something out of this but that's what I have to cover next is the characters that may not be "Slender"s or "The Killer"s but they're still there.

Okay now those aside I should address this so no one goes Troll McDinnglepiss about me not talking about the other characters that lurk about. What I see is something Prince showed me, there's two sides of the Creepy Pasta characters; there's the Fan Characters then the Characters. It's a really basic concept when you get it down. One is a character which even though he/she has an original back-story at some point or another it leads to them needing one of the main CP's help. And main CP's are generally what made up this fandom for what it is, not just like you and your friend make characters and they work side by side. You wanna do that cool units of people work best, I mean look at A Clockwork Orange or even The Strangers, hell even that new movie The Purge is a unit of people that work solely to hurt and maim people just for the reason of that they want to do it. At the same time if, I should also cover "Proxy" characters because they're growing at a fast rate also but they're not as annoying or unoriginal as the "The Killer"s or even "Slender"s that people can deal with them and also find them pretty cool. That's just to show one thing, not all Fan Characters are a bad thing but they're not really characters unless they're given a good back story where they don't really have to rely on anyone unless it's like a friend so they can work in a unit. I have no problem with seeing refs of relations from your characters point of view with others I would find that awesome just because you get to question "Why do they hate each other?" or "What made them become friends?" that gives the reader and even just fan of the design something to look forward to in the near future.

To give you a few examples of good fan characters that are really popular and really well put together, well most of the part. Ticci Toby, yes little Ashy's cracker, hehe see what I did there. Toby is extremely popular, and we've all seen the fanart for him hell we even have a little fan-club for him along with Clocky and Lou. He is one of the best and number one fan characters because his story is creative and it works. He's a kid with a bunch of mental diseases that without spoiling anything too much, isn't going to make him last that long. He became a cannibal, yeah a fucking CANNIBAL really I don't see that much in CP, that's original right off that bat. Toby is one of the best because everything he has works, he's not exactly invincible. Ash did do his research and he knows when Toby's clock is gonna run out, god I am killing it in this rant. That's what makes him so good, also his design and weapons are pretty kickass and his relationship with Zalgo just make us want to cheer him on and watch to see his final fight goes because he's an underdog. A big one, yeah he's weird, and stupid, and basically his best friend would probably be BOB but even with every character that's come out of Creepy Pasta Toby has been the one that people can somewhat relate to because of how he deals with things. Toby is like the nerd who gets the prom queen at the end of the prom, well accept that the prom queen has a clock in her eye and the prom is probably something close to a slasher film. But that's beside the point, the real thing is that we see part of ourselves in Toby and we connect deeply with him, because I mean at the end of the day we are a little bit of a Ticci aren't we?

Now the next example of a good fan character is actually a character I mentioned before, and it's a good example because it dips into some old classic ideas that can actually be found in some of cartoons we use to watch in the 90s if you grew up then. Grinny, the otherwise cat version of Smile Dog. There are a lot of keen differences between these two, one of them being well Grinny is a cat and his creator is Comic KITTY...go figure. Kit you know I love you big sis. So from what we have gathered from Pastamonsters and even the stories, adding to the fact that the only basic back-story we have on Grinny is Pastamonsters in general we have put pieces to gather from places within the comic it's self. Which at the same time we have to compare this character to Smile Dog, so we can see how it is a fan character but also original in its own right. First off we have to say this Grinny's back-story is slightly confusing, I'm saying this because we don't exactly know what would have happened if Jeff never found him in the first place. Which leads us to think that yes it's basically a “Smile” character but he could have been a what I would call a “Stand Alone” fan character, which is simply a fan character that can deal with all of it's own problems without the aid of any other character that would be normally associated with a Fan Character, you could say Clockwork is a Stand Alone because of what she does with Jeff, but this is also something that can be in Characters which I'll cover later. So not to ruin it, if you haven't read Pastamonsters but basically Jeff thinks up the bright idea that bringing the little demon of a cat home because he thinks the little furball looks cute covered in the blood of his old handler. Now you wonder Jeff why Ben says you can't handle drugs, is because you'll do even stupider shit then that. Well the little demon gets into a fight with Smile while Jeff and Richard (you know I mean Slender, but I had to use it once or Ash would kick me through the computer screen) start to bicker at each other because Jeff doesn't have the stuff, knowing Richard it's probably the souls of lost little children but knowing Kit, it's probably eight kilos of marijuana. Love you big sis. Well then Jeff notices the two animals fighting like the would in the wild kingdom, and without lack of good focus Jeff blames Smile. This will continue on till the point where Smile is thrown out (because of Grinny) and he escapes the backyard to get lost in the human world and our “heros”, and I use that term loosely, to go find Smile. So now that I ruined a good part of the comic for you, let us go and talk about Grinny. Well one: He's french, I don't care what you say but after hearing Steve make him french, it was just oh too perfect. So maybe that's too his character, I wouldn't really say because he's actually really determined in a goal. He sets his mind on it and he will do it, of course the whole Jeff killing thing has been stopped a few times but all the times it was mostly went to that it can help him eliminate him at last. Of course he has this attraction to Ms.P who's another character created by Kit but I want to focus on Grinny. When I mentioned the old cartoons, I was primaryly talking about the small slapstick that Grinny ends up in and this attraction to Pencil. Okay we all know that in those old cartoons Daffy or Bugs would find an interest in a young lady and even though they were animals they had the human mind set in their heads which is probably the reason why. That is a great reason why Grinny is a good fan character because he brings back childhood memories. Like I said before he's determined and other then Smile who seems to want you to do yourself in, he wants the honor of slicing your throat when you sleep. That makes him different and not exactly set on target like “The Killer” characters. Grinny is also intelligent and manipulative, basically he's an asshole! Really he is but that's what makes him so good, we needed an asshole to not only laugh at and cheer when he gets hurt but also to see that you're cheering this all because he so much of well put together asshole that you can see truly why he's such a good character.

Now to cover the last part, we're going to talk about the Characters. These are the ones that are strictly on their own but often end up in the whole fun fandom spotlight when it can be fun and creative. The thing is they don't need it, they have their own world away from all the others to be with themselves and only themselves, maybe with a unit like I said before but that's about it. These are just the characters that would found with well Jeff, and Jack, and Ben. Characters that don't need other CP's but are always fun to see how they would react to them. Now here's the thing about this, there's really not a lot of good ones. Because these are characters you really have to develop to be given their own world so they don't have to be associated with any others and proven that any problem that is in front of them they can deal with on their own. Now we can sit here and argue what makes a good character or not, but really it would be better just to point out a lot of flaws that run into this. Just just plain too much exaggeration of something, too big of claws, teeth, something it's just not need so it's not frightening just silly. The back-story doesn't add up, if it doesn't make sense I'm going to have a hard time believing that you really did this to make a good character or just to half ass something and try to call it scary. Certain things need to be there. One of the main reasons is, why are they doing this. What exactly pushed them to be this way, why do they kill, why are they insane, what brought them here? It seems like a very easy topic but at the end of it all it really isn't. That at the same time is something that needs to be found in all CP's but most of the time with “The Killer” characters there is not explanation just something stupid like “Oh they killed their family” blah blah blah. Now by that also, that doesn't mean that Jeff and whoever are perfect for each other. Seriously this isn't a dating website, this isn't Eharmony Creepy Pasta Edition! This is a bunch of killers doing whatever the fuck they want, only a good some probably would have the sanity to stop and say “We should bang sometime” when others are so dumb and under development that people think that they can manipulate them. Which from what a “great” back story they have, they can! Really why do you think it's so easy to make Jeff seem like he has a personality because we have to give him one every damn time we write a fan fiction or a whatever! Really could that kid be anymore emotionless in that story, seriously it's like they hired Emma Stone to write that kids parts. Knowing how it so deeply describes his mind was mashed and mangled into become this maniac killer with this “weird” feeling, it probably was Emma Stone that wrote this. At least we know she isn't the one in the picture, that bitch can't crack a smile even at her wedding! Really this shows something, you have to give your character emotion and give them reasons. You have to give them so much or Plank from Ed, Edd, And Eddy will seem like they have a greater back-story. Really Jeff maybe be really popular but there is a reason I started laughing at the part in the hospital because it was just a sudden burst of emotion that you weren't prepared it was like “HAHAHAHAHA OH LOOK I'M CRAZY” Oh yeah, okay buddy calm down. Really Jeff is one of them that sets a bar, his bar is the lowest and guess who's bar is the highest? Ben. Ben's bar is the highest out of all of them. He has the greatest back story, his character his develop, he has reason, and he even has a resolution at the end, he technically has a “second” death when he finally passes on. Ben is one of those characters that is really underrated and if anything you don't want to have him at the bar, then let him share it with Laughing Jack.

But here's the main thing, I don't want you guys shooting to be the greatest CP no that's stupid this isn't a competition this is Creepy Pasta. This is a fandom that takes time and patience to develop everything, and maybe destroy some fandoms along the way. Oh yeah we're good at that! Really if you're in this fandom, you want to be a horror writer or you want to be in someway associated with the idea of it. This is a great fandom with a batch of everything in it, and we really want to keep this as mature as possible and stick to the program of what it was. That's something, we're the different fandom, we're the strange one, we're the one that looks at Doctor Who and says “Yeah you better go hide in your little phone box you pussy.” We're the ones that leaves Sherlock pondering, we're the ones that made Cupcakes, we made bronies scared of their own show that's a win in my book. Because we're the fandom in the shadows we don't come out and try to shove shit down people's throats, yeah we have a few of those people but most of us are mature. We're the Creepy Pasta fandom, and I'm not letting some people change this into some lovestruck, cute little kawaii bullshit, and if you're really in this fandom for the fandom you know when to be funny, you know when to be serious, and you know when to be goddamn scary. Cause this is Creepy Pasta, and we aren't going anywhere,we're staying here to strike fear in your hearts, and paranoia in your minds!
Okay yeah I cover a lot more then just those two little things but I think it's good don't you? Maybe, maybe not?

And the last part wasn't really necessary but I kinda got fueled by the moment or something don't question me! But anyway just have fun with this and enjoy guys!
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Jeffsoul13 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I find it strange how so many bash Jane for ripping off Jeff the killer but all the rest of the 'killer' oc's get scott-free, even adored.
vibrantkiller Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
-distant clapping- 
TheLoneRestlessRose Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love it, but what if the character isn't insane? What if they don't truly have a reason? Breaking outside the box and stereotypes is something I want to try with my newer character. ^u^ 
Shad0wFlight34 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is actually really g00d and well-th0ught-0ut.
A l0t 0f the rants I read s0rta fall under the "Creepypasta is ruined and it's all y0ur fault" blah blah.
This was really interesting t0 read.
S0, thank y0u.\
TerminallySadistic Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
.-. Who the fuck is Nina?
NeonGamerCat Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
Nina OMG Nina! She is PINK!
Kalidrawer123 Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Actually we enhance the mlp fandom and all the fandoms you named is each fandom I'm in XD. I have a creepypasta character, I'm having a few friends from a cp group on fb that's helping me with her story. She's a ghost I guess you can consider her that.
LovelyLumi Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
First thing, THANK YOU. This is just the perfect rant ever! :'D
I mean, this explains all the frustrations I have had with the mary-sue characters!

To be honest, I look back at my cp oc Stitch-Face's background story and working on fixing it up!
This puts hope that I can improve her so she doesn't suck as much. ;u;

She is, however, a Slenderman proxy...but not a needy one! She's practically a bitch to everyone, a typical rebel teenager to Richard(Slenderman), and has her fair share of enemies(the Puppeteer, to be exact). She is not one for pairing with another proxy on missions,...
Well, she is a total loner. XD
Stitchy looks like a normal seemingly-attractive girl,...until you see the scars on her face(different from Clocky's) (and the burns on her hands/forearms,..Freddy Kruger style) and find out quickly of her cold, cunning personality.

OMFG where did all this come from?
I just wanted a critique of my Stitchy!

 ;-; I sorry!

InvaderIka Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Student General Artist
Nicely done! ^^ I completely agree with some points in here.

May I ask if you want to critique my CP OC Ally?
Slothulu Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
sure sweetie u v u
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